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Tableware Set Nordika

138,00 € 124,20 € 10% de descuento



The simplicity that inspires.

Clean and minimalist, the Nordika collection combines characteristics of a coupe design and a flared design in one expression. 

Its distinct central plane, as well as the narrow and steep edge, contains a practical sense that goes beyond aesthetic care, allowing for easy handling of the pieces and a wider use of each surface. A line inspired by the cooler latitudes, capable of heating the imagination of those who express their talent in it.

Made of porcelain, the collection is microwave and dishwasher safe.

10% discount 18 pieces

6 Dinner Plates + 6 Salad / Dessert Plates + 6 Bowls

Set 18 pieces
15% discount 36 pieces

12 Dinner Plates + 12 Salad / Dessert Plates + 12 Bowls

Set 36 pieces