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Tableware Set Volcán

156,00 € 148,20 € 5% de descuento



The beautiful mix of matt tones, in elegant and modern black and grey, are the perfect combination for your table. These pieces can be mixed to your liking, for more color options we also have the Nevada Tableware available.

It may have tonality variations, because reactive glasses made with natural products are used, in order to keep the ecological footprint low, or null.

The color variation and finish enhance the unique beauty of these products, produced through manual processes.

Made of stoneware, the collection is microwave and dishwasher safe.

5% discount 18 pieces

6 Dinner Plates + 6 Salad /Dessert Plates + 6 Bowls

Set 18 pieces

10% discount 36 pieces

12 Dinner Plates + 12 Salad / Dessert Plates + 12 Bowls

Set 36 pieces