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The alterations in the color and the irregular marks in their finishes are due precisely to the fact that they are made by hand, they are their hallmark and what makes each of these handmade decorative vases unrepeatable. The most remarkable thing about these pots for ornamental use is, without a doubt, their realism, imitating gardening boots with a detail that simulates mud and a gloss effect that reproduces the finish of wellies. Their patterns and colors also enhance their uniqueness and naturalism: You can choose these original objects to integrate them into outdoor decoration, or you can create picturesque spaces that give a touch of light and magic inside your home with these decorative boots, in different colors.

Choose your favorite pieces and place them in a corner of the garden, for example, near the vegetable garden as a planter. If you prefer, incorporate some small ones as a vase in some corner of your balcony, place them in the hall or next to the living room window. You can add flowers to the handmade vases or let their charm shine on its own. In addition, they are available in different sizes so that they fit perfectly in any place. You can buy decorative boots easily and quickly here, in our online store.