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Our handmade wool rugs combine great quality in their finishes with a traditional design adapted to current trends. They provide comfort and add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the room, without losing the comfort of their light weight and easy maintenance.
You can buy these rugs online in a standard format, with a specific color and size, or create your own design adapted to your needs and preferences. The rugs are made to order, in different sizes and it is possible to customize the colors to achieve an exclusive creation for you. The only thing that does not vary are the fringes, always made in "barbim" in a dark grey color. The Rug Pastor is the most traditional and takes you back to the past, when shepherds cared for their sheep and textiles were made with care using their wool. The Rug Gil offers a more up-to-date and modern touch, maintaining the essence and ancient techniques. If you want to buy one of these limited pieces you can do it in our online store and if you have any questions, contact us, we will be happy to advise you.