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Made with 100% merino sheep wool, they are inspired by a design from the past, but focused on current trends. You can choose between more modern, rustic or classic options to suit your tastes and, in addition, you can also combine their different sizes. Likewise, we make personalized handmade cushions according to the model, colors and measurements of your preference so that you can play with creativity and obtain designs that are perfectly in tune with the decoration of your rooms. The raw tones of these handmade cushions fit with different decorative styles to give a cozy touch to any environment.

Our cushions are unique decorative elements developed expressly for you, made with traditional materials and techniques to achieve a final result with the high quality that characterizes the products of the past. They are luxury cushions, with which you can bring life to a sober sofa or a dull room, if you choose the colorful tones; provide warmth with the striped Gil cushion, give a rustic touch with the Alentejo cushion, or more modern with the Lido model. But, above all, they give your home a great personality, since they are authentic cushions, handmade, with unique patterns and prints, each one of them being different from the others. What are you waiting for to create your own private space? Don't forget that these handmade wool cushions go with our puffs, so you can combine them! You can buy our cushions online and many more 100% handmade decoration items in our store.