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Our handmade bowls emulate elements present in nature with shades of forest, sea, or animals to generate a state of connection with the Earth and peace around the table. Let yourself be intoxicated by the marine world that opens the Shell bowl, discover the color of Greece with the Mykonos bowl, or lose yourself in the bright green traces of the emerald stone with the pieces of this collection. They also play with food from the garden in a realistic and fun way, such as the Cabbage Bowl, in different colors. These handmade bowls are available in various shapes, sizes, and heights to fit your daily needs, whether for breakfast, sauces, soups and creams, desserts, fruit salads, etc. This container has gone from being used for preparations in the kitchen to a decorative element on the table, essential for an ideal presentation of a multitude of dishes. At Seara Collection you can buy these exclusive bowls, created by Portuguese artisans and perfect for everyday use.