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This designer tableware sets have imperfect finishes that make them so special, they are made from natural materials and created using techniques that cause little or no impact on the environment. At Seara Collection we are committed to creating crockery as in the past, without haste, with quality materials and exceptional results from unique handcrafted pieces. We are committed to the planet and our tableware sets, as well as the other products we offer, are totally sustainable. They are perfect to renew your old crockery, for the beginning of a new life or as a gift to newlyweds or friends.

Maintaining the same environmental awareness, each one expresses its own inspirations from nature: the Concha collection immerses you in the underwater world; TroiaMar is pure Mediterranean, the Flamenco collection refers to the unmistakable color of these charming birds and the Nordika fills your table with elegance and sophistication. With the same design pattern, the style possibilities are endless and suit more rustic, classic, or modern tastes. Our design tableware is practical, easy to handle and has the right formats for each type of food. In this section you can buy the complete crockery that best suits your personality, with discounts included.