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Our Portuguese handmade blankets are made with great care, in Portuguese workshops, by experts who use old manual looms and finish by hand. The cotton thread blankets in this collection are an essential for the bed or the sofa, but they are also ideal for adding a touch of personalization to chairs or armchairs. We have different models adapted to all tastes: the classic and delicate Zigzag, which is now transformed into bright colours; the Flor blanket, inspired by spring; the Espina, ideal for any style of room; the most youthful Diamante blanket or the luxurious Golondrina blanket. With machine-sewn fringes, the smaller blankets are warm and ideal for winter nights too. The larger ones are made on manual looms, with handmade fringes, and are perfect for the cooler summer nights, and can also be used as a tablecloth or to personalize any room.

Regardless of the size or model, all our blankets honor the brand's philosophy: respectful of its social and environmental surroundings, and that it sells exclusively sustainable products. We offer unique pieces, chosen because they are made slowly and patiently by specialized hands to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting creation. You can buy your handmade cotton blankets online here, at Seara Collection.