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Our decoration products are created with a design designed to convey a relaxing and natural luxury, harmony, and well-being, achieving a warm atmosphere in the home, bringing the family closer and generating a sense of tranquility. We choose with great care the materials with which our products are made to offer you high-quality natural finishes, resistant to the passage of time and repeated washing. We transfer to our work the vision of going back to the old, things well done and calmly, with artisanal methods that provide quality and exclusivity to each object. That is why they are so special and ideal as gifts for a new house, for newlyweds or any special occasion.

Handmade tableware,

Table inspiration

Since the table is a place for encounters and inspiration, we want you to enjoy those special moments with your loved ones with our exclusive Portuguese tableware. Our collections are made up of dinner plates, salad /dessert plates, bowls, mugs, coffee cups, but also salad bowls, platters, etc. Made of stoneware or porcelain, and available in different colours. There are a variety of designs so you can choose the one that best suits your style, modern or more rustic, and each model represents an element present in nature:

olive woods, seashells, Nordic style…these pieces are perfect for a wedding, as a gift for the home.

In the handmade tableware section, you also have the option of buying individual pieces such as plates, bowls, salad bowls of different shapes and sizes, cups, pitchers, and packs of glassware. The variation in color tone is due to the use of natural products in their manufacture and the irregularities in their shape because they are made by hand, seeking a very personal and distinctive style..

Tableware Rústico Yellow

€ 135.00 €150,00

Rain Boot Planter Medium Orange


Decoration objects,

Small Details That Mark The difference

The most original decoration gifts are those that have something special, something different that cannot be found anywhere else, like our boot-shaped planters whose realistic design and markings make them unique. They can be used both as planters, as just vases to decorate, outside or inside. They are perfect as a gift for the house and ideal for gardening lovers, or simply as a different gift. Also, remember that our products are sustainable and have little or no impact on nature.

Textiles for the Home Warmth

Our textile products can be the perfect gift to turn your home into the most welcoming place. With different sizes and shapes, they are made with high quality materials such as 100% sheep wool rugs, or our cotton blankets that are also 100% recycled. They have a very warm style, some in neutral tones so that they do not clash with the decoration of the room and others that are very colorful to give life to the room. Choose a puff and a cushion that go in the same color tone, you will love it! In addition to the standards, you can customize them in models, measurements and colors, you just have to send us the information with your preferences, and we will give it a more personal


Puff Gil Square

Orikomi Table Lamp Polar White with Light Taupe Stripe


Sustainable Lighting and Design

A different gift that provides a touch of unparalleled design are undoubtedly our handcrafted lamps in table, wall, or ceiling format. They are made with a high-quality paper and resistance, they have a clean, simple, and modern style that also fits in rustic decorations, giving simplicity and clarity to the room. The table lamps rest on a simple wooden structure which gives a warmer touch. In addition, they are ecological, have low energy consumption and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life. The simplicity and clean design of these lamps provides tranquility in the environment and reduces stress