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Bowl Cereal Nova

11,00 €


We work with several ceramic factories, all of them of Portuguese origin and with manual manufacturing processes. Handmade tableware, thanks to manual finishing, creates unique and incomparable pieces, so there will never be two alike. Our tableware is imperfect exclusivity.

We are passionate about design, which we never lost sight of, but we were able to choose a wide collection of styles and colors, to offer solutions for different moments and styles.
They can be purchased in complete tableware set, in this case applying discounts, or piece by piece, to be able to mix with the tableware you have at home and thus bring modernity and a touch of handmade luxury to your table.

Our collections can be made in stoneware or porcelain and because we care about our planet, we are committed to sustainable products and ensure that our internal processes and packaging damage the planet as little as possible.