About us

Hello! We are a mother and daughter team! At Seara Collection, we have one goal: to inspire people from all over the world to discover and cultivate their own natural, exclusive lifestyle with references to Portugal. We love carefully selecting handmade decorative pieces that will make your home a luxurious and relaxing place, providing a sense of peace and balance. It's a perfect space to (re)connect with yourself, with others, and with nature.

We love the Portuguese coast, with its good energy, warm climate, and delicious food. That's why we select Portuguese artisanal decorative items with a "slow living" spirit, so you can enjoy an authentic and relaxed experience in your home. Moreover, by choosing Portuguese products, you are supporting the local community and contributing to the preservation of traditional artisanal techniques.

Each of our pieces is different and unique, handmade, unparalleled, and impossible to resist their singular beauty. We aim to bring back craftsmanship, to do things as they were done before, with soul, with calmness, enjoying what we do in every moment. We work with artisans using techniques from the past with a touch of modernity, staying current and always connecting with nature. We are committed to sustainable products and ensure that our internal processes and packaging have the least possible impact on the planet.

IIn addition, in our collection, you will find pieces for every consumption occasion. From ceramic tableware perfect for a family celebration or a wedding, to the coffee table or appetizers while watching television on the sofa. Our collection is also ideal for family meals. Your creativity in combining shapes and colors knows no limits. In Seara Collection, you will find Portuguese artisanal decorative pieces with a natural, sustainable, and exclusive style. We believe that your home should be a place where you can relax, find inspiration, and connect with nature. Welcome to our online store!